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A Glimpse of California in Melbourne, Redwood Forest


Looking for a quick day trip to escape the city life? Bask in the beautiful Redwood Forest and catch a glimpse of California right in Melbourne’s doorstep.

For just a short 90 minute drive from Melbourne city cbd, you can marvel at the tall Sequoia trees planted in a grid which are really pleasing to the eyes.

Bring a picnic, cook a BBQ and spend a day in this wonder of nature. There is a little creek nearby for the explorers and a nice park if you want to catch the view from outside the redwood forest grid.

There are unsealed roads but most cars can take the terrain, it’s definitely worth the trip!

Bumped By : Erika

Erika is married to Alan, a learning mum to Stella, a self proclaimed tea connoisseur and a brownie enthusiast. Her most recent achievement is singing The Wiggle's song Papadum word for word. She likes listening to Stella laugh or snore and going for walks with her family. She has forever been chasing the minimalist lifestyle and always wishing she could take photos with her eyes. Follow more of their family adventures on her Instagram page.

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A Glimpse of California in Melbourne, Redwood Forest

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