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All Sorts Swim School, Alexandria


All Sorts Swim School run Infant & Pre-School Programs catering to kids from 6 months – 5 years.

This is a fairly new gym so all the facilities are in great condition and the pool is completed heated and indoors.

What I love about this swim school is that there isn’t any set term dates, so they run swimming classes all year round except for the Christmas/New Year period when they close for 4 weeks.

We had two instructors and they were great! Classes were small (4 in our class) so plenty of time spent on each child in helping to develop their skills.

The changing facilities are fantastic with plenty of lockers, 4 x shower cubicles, a large change table and hair dryer.

There is also a cafe connected to the swimming pool, so after your class and when the kids are likely to be hungry, so pop on over to the cafe (which is all indoors) and grab something to eat for the kiddies and a coffee for yourself.

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All Sorts Swim School, Alexandria

184 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Age: 6 months upwards.
Pre-Book: Pre-Book.
Changing Facilities: Yes.
Pram Accessibility: Ramp through the cafe entrance. 3 stairs through the main pool entrance.
Refreshments: There is a cafe connected to the pool with food and drinks.
Parking: Onsite parking lot.
Parent Accompany Child: Yes.
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