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Balmoral Beach and Rocky Point Island


After my first encounter with Balmoral Beach I can see why everyone was insisting I go there! It’s just beautiful, the perfect little Harbour beach for families. It has everything from snorkeling, rock pools and rocks for climbing, an island to explore, shade provided by trees, a playground, cafes and a beautiful view of the heads as you have a dip in the fresh salty water. It was so pretty and picturesque for a moment I thought I had been transported to a little beach in France!

There are three main sections of the beach; one that has a netted swimming bay on the south side with a playground, in the middle dividing the beach front is a tiny little island called “Rocky Point” that you can access by a bridge or scale up the rocks if you have brave little explorers and the North side is another expanse of sand and water. Up the top of the waterfront there is a great path for scooters and bikes, shady grass and a beautiful rotunda to explore and play in.

Balmoral Beach is an absolute must see and do for the Sydney bucket list!

Bumped By : Annaliese Dent

Annaliese has two adorable boys and has recently moved to Sydney from Melbourne, so is always out exploring new beaches, finding new “froyo” hangs, awesome playgrounds, catching a ferry and being totally in awe of Sydney and all its beauty.



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Balmoral Beach and Rocky Point Island

The Esplanade, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia

Age: All ages.
Pre-Book: Just turn up.
Pram Accessibility: There are stairs down to the beach but there are not too many you can still carry your pram down with a helping hand.
Refreshments: There are several cafes, kiosks and restaurants that expand over the three beach areas plus fish and chips on Raglan Street.
Parking: 3 hour paid parking on the waterfront or free parking on side streets a short walk away. Parking can be very busy on weekends.
Parent Accompany Child: Always around water.
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