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Barmedman Mineral Pool, Barmedman


On our drive from Melbourne to the Gold Coast we stumbled across the Barmedman Mineral Pool, curious we took a break from the road to stretch (and dip) our legs at the unique tourist attraction.

The large therapeutic pool is popular with locals, as its said to have healing properties due to the naturally high mineral content. The pool originated from the flooding of the Barmedman goldmines by an underground stream in the 1880’s, and opened to the public in 1951 for the whole community to enjoy.

The pool water may not have been inviting enough for my kids, but we still enjoyed sitting by the edge of the pool chatting with some of the locals.

There are shady areas, picnic tables, BBQ facilities and a kiosk run by local volunteers around the pool also.

Barmedman Mineral Pool is open every summer between November and March. The pool is emptied in April each year and refilled at the end of October. 



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Barmedman Mineral Pool, Barmedman

Barmedman NSW 2668, Australia

Price: Entry by donation.
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