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Bring it on! Childbirth and Parenting Preparation


Individualised childbirth and parenting preparation provided by Nicole Carver, a qualified midwife and maternal and child health nurse with 25 years’ experience. Sessions can be conducted on weekends or during the evening, in private homes (for individual couples), or in a local venue. Specific situations such as planned caesarean birth can be catered for, which is not generally covered specifically in hospital based classes. While the experience of birth and measures to cope with pain are covered, a strong emphasis is placed upon the formation of the new family, and how to prepare for the weeks after the birth.

Saturday- 09:30 am – 04:30 pm



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Bring it on! Childbirth and Parenting Preparation

22-50 Becca Way, Caroline Springs VIC 3023, Australia

Age: Prenatal.
Pre-Book: Booking essential.
Refreshments: Available nearby.
Parking: Free parking.
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