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Entermission Melbourne Virtual Reality Escape Rooms


Entermission Melbourne focus on delivering amazing virtual reality escape rooms adventures.

Most VR escape rooms send each player into an isolated room by themselves. At Entermission Melbourne, 6 people play together in the same room. Entermission Melbourne’s mind-blowing experiences feature HTC Vive Pro headsets for high resolution graphics and Leap Motion hand tracking for immersive puzzle-solving and in-game flight.

Each room also features environmental effects designed to create deep immersion and incredible, memorable moments. Wind, heat, and scent generators are programmed to sync with the most dramatic moments in the experience to create a sense of realism unmatched in any other virtual reality escape experience.

From kids (8+) to grown-ups, these immersive exciting games with challenging, collaborative puzzles and amazing action thrill all types of groups.

Birthday party packages also available.

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Entermission Melbourne Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Level 1/164 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Age: 8+ years.
Price: $49 per person
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