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Flagstone Pirate Ship Park Playground, Flagstone


Mini captains can set sail across a sea of imagination Flagstone Pirate Ship Park Playground. The ship is the biggest in Australia and the first model of its kind.

At over 18 metres in length, the ship has play activities on the upper and lower deck that encourage hours play. Little deck mates can make their way onboard via stairs or climbing nets where they can gaze out through the binoculars and steer the ship to dry land.

Keeping pirates at bay is easy with cannons placed in the stern and bow of the ship. A trip down the bannister bars or slide leads sailors to the lower deck where they will find a viewing port, treasure chest, sleeping hammocks and play desks.

Other elements of this incredible playground include green island mounds where children can sit or rest and take in the monstrous ship. A double bay swing equipped with a classic seat and toddler seat swings.



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Flagstone Pirate Ship Park Playground, Flagstone

Trailblazer Drive, Queensland, Australia

Age: Families.
Pre-Book: Just turn up.
Parking: Street parking.
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