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I’m not going to lie, Miss G has NEVER been a great sleeper, we even had a sleep nurse come and give us some tips when she was 11 months old, however we made a big move north this year for my husband’s work and it has triggered anxiety in her. Nightmares almost every night that resulted in her sneaking into our bed and taking over (which was SUPER fun when I was pregnant!) Recently though I cracked, I wanted my bed back! So, just as I was researching what to do, we had the opportunity to trial and review the GroClock.

To describe it in the most basic way, it’s a clock design to teach even very young children (yep, even those who can’t yet read the time) when it is time for bed and time to get up. And it works! By night two, Miss G was sleeping well past 6:40am and waking up happy and rested. The simplicity of the clock (blue with a star for night and yellow with a sun for the days) made it easy for her to understand.

The book that accompanies the clock had G excited for bed to be just like the pig who finally sleeps through the night thanks to his helpful farm friends and special clock! The “nightlight” glow from the clock has helped to combat any darkness anxiety. It’s not intruding or bright, just a perfect blue gentle glow.

There are two very minor things that would make my life easier a more simple on/off button and a battery pack for when we travel or power outs, but we’re almost two weeks in and haven’t had our bed taken over by a small human, so I’m a bit in love with the GroClock!

The GroClock is available at http://au.gro-store.com

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Lauren is a mum originally from the Hawkesbury in NSW. After moving to Ipswich with her husband and the Army she joined the Bump Into Mum's team as a way to explore. Now our Geelong contributor, Lauren and her two daughters are committed to finding all things fun in their new home!

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