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Interview with Mister Maker


When I was first told I would be interviewing Mister Maker, I was pretty excited. I mean in the world of pre-schoolers, he’s kind of the Taylor Swift, am I right? And I was so pleased when it turned out, he was just as nice, and equally as passionate about his craft (see what I did there?) as Tay-tay!

So here it goes, my 5 minutes with the one and only, Mister Maker, the rockstar of arts and crafts!

Mister Maker, my mini makers in the house would love to know what is your favourite colour, and what’s your favourite medium to work with?

“My favourite colours are yellow and blue. Yellow because it’s the cover of my maker suitcase. And blue because it’s the colour of my favourite soccer team back home.

I do enjoy the messy makes on the show, so I guess painting would be my favourite. It’s one of those things that some days I can’t quite believe it’s my job to be making a huge splat picture with a paint covered tennis ball.”

Were you into art and craft before the show?

As a child I loved making things. I still have some of the things I made when I was a little boy including things I made with my grandparents which are now really treasured possessions. I’m now 39 and still have things I made when I was 7, and I’m still so proud of what I made.

How do you come up with inspiration for your creations?

We have a very talented team that work on the tv show. We all throw ideas in really and chose our favourite ones. Quite often we start with a theme and go from there. For example in arty party, we start with the theme, it could be a shapes party or circus party and then it’s a good starting point for coming up with ideas.

Your T.V shows are aired in more than 100 countries, what is your favourite one to travel to with your maker case?

I’m not just saying this, but being in Australia is lovely, we really feel like it’s home. This is beyond my wildest dreams, to be able to visit all of these beautiful places, as a job.

What can we expect from your latest stage show?

We really want all ages to come and see the show! We want the grown ups to come and enjoy it too. I’ve written the show in a way that I hope the parents find funny. We have the shapes appearing for the first time in a theatre show and they have a much bigger role than they do in the tv show. Lots of singing, dancing and jokes too.

Now, tell me, do you have any arty party dance moves like the shapes?

Definitely, definitely! You’ll see throughout the show it gradually builds to a finale with a mister maker version of a certain song you’ll be familiar with and Mister Maker and the shapes will quite literally be throwing some shapes on the dance floor!

Some parents have a favourite child, do you have favourite shape?

Ah I couldn’t chose…but If I had to, I’d have to say I do most like rectangle. You’ll see what rectangle is like in the show. He’s certainly the cheekiest of all of the shapes, and a whole lot chattier than he is on the T.V!

Thank you so much for your time Mister Maker. It’s been an absolute pleasure, thank you!

I then went on to gush about how amazing I thought Mister Maker was, and may have told him I think he is a rockstar. I have zero regrets about confessing my undying love for the arts and crafts legend!!

MISTER MAKER AND THE SHAPES Live on Stage show will tour Australia these July winter school holidays.


Bumped By : Erin Giansiracusa

Erin is a Mum of 3 boys, blogger at The Mums Group, has a background in journalism and in her pre-baby life read the news for the Hamish and Andy show.

Website : themumsgroup.com.au



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