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Paradise Falls Walking Track, Cheshunt


Off the beaten track, buried deep in the King Valley, Victoria you’ll discover a little slice of paradise at Paradise Falls Walking Track, located in the Alpine National park just outside of Cheshunt.

The falls are an easy 500m downhill gravel track, our 5 and 8 year olds walked it up and back, however the 2 year old did need to be carried in some steep parts of the hike, definitely not pram friendly i would pack the baby carrier just in case.

Once at the bottom you’ll be amazed by the size of the natural rock formation, we looked like ants against it. On our visit in the spring, the waterfall was flowing lightly as there had been rain over the past couple of days, the kids just loved being able to walk under the falls, explore the water pooling at the bottom, climb over rocks and even drink from the waterfall, it was an absolute delight to watch my kids experience.

Back at the car park there is a pit toilet and picnic tables to have a snack or grab something from nearby Whitfield or at one of the wineries, we stopped at Brown Brothers for lunch and a play on the playground.



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Paradise Falls Walking Track, Cheshunt

Paradise Falls Track, Cheshunt VIC 3678, Australia

Age: Walking track is suitable for over 4 year olds.
Price: Free to do.
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