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Platypus House offers up close and personal interactions with two of Australia’s most unique and delightful mammals: the Tasmanian Platypus and Australian short-beaked Echidna.
These fascinating creatures are unlike any other mammals on earth, and are part of the mammalian Order, Monotremes, also known as the egg-laying mammals.

Your Platypus House fully guided tour includes a 15 minute film, An informative interpretation room, where you can feel the pelt of a platypus and the spines of an echidna, 5 Platypus all fed on your tour, 3 Echidnas all fed on your tour and a stroll through the echidna garden where the echidnas happily roam around your feet or even climb into your lap if you sit quietly.

Monday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm
Tuesday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm
Wednesday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm
Thursday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm
Friday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm
Saturday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm
Sunday- 09:30 am – 04:00 pm



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Age: All ages.
Pre-Book: Just turn up.
Refreshments: Cafe.
Parking: Parking lot.
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