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Prana House is a beautiful urban sanctuary offering quality authentic yoga, yoga teacher training, wellness clinic and events/workshops in the healing arts.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga during pregnancy creates space for women to embrace the changes in their bodies and in their lives during this special creative time. Yoga helps women discover a balance of strength and surrender in body, mind, heart and spirit and this is great preparation for childbirth and mothering. A holistic practice of postures, flowing movement, deep relaxation, breathing and meditation, suitable for all levels of experience.

Kids Yoga Course (5 – 10 years)

A playful approach that includes postures, meditation, games, dance, songs, chants and relaxation. This class develops calmness, confidence and creativity allowing each child to discover their own inner Light.

Tuesday- 02:00 pm – 05:15 pm
Saturday- 08:00 am – 09:30 am



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Age: Any
Pre-Book: Pre-booking essential, term bookings for Kids yoga course.
Changing Facilities: None.
Pram Accessibility: Stair case at entrance. Area to leave prams at top of stairs.
Refreshments: Help yourself to refreshments in our kitchenette.
Parking: Free parking.
Parent Accompany Child: Yes.
Breastfeeding Area: Both breast and bottle feeding mums welcome.
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