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Situated off the main road in Redfern is the beautiful Redfern Park. The park was designed and constructed in the 1880s as a typical Victorian ‘pleasure ground’ and by the early 20th century sports facilities became a permanent fixture within the grounds. The lovely gardens and wonderful fountain are a major focal point in the park, however there are other features that appeal to both mothers and children.

Not only is there an enclosed playground, there is a lovely sculpture path that appeals to the young, including the water sculpture ‘Lotus Line’ by the acclaimed Aboriginal sculptor Fiona Foley. In this sculpture, cast stainless steel and bronze lotus flowers stand beautifully strong, tall and proud, representing the strength of a colonised culture to survive. Foley created the sculpture specifically for children to run through.

Oversized seedpods are scattered among the fig trees and provide other play opportunities for young children. Poignant and yet educational, these sculptures attest to the importance of culture and land and the historical connections that lie within them. Today land, place and traditional culture remain of lasting and central significance for the Aboriginal community.

Adjoining the park is Park Cafe on Chalmers and Redfern Oval, which provides training facilities for the South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL football club.

Bumped By : Renata Brak

Renata is a mother of one active toddler and soon to be mum of another baby boy. She grew up in Hobart, before spending a few years abroad in Canada before settling in Sydney over 6 years ago. With a Masters degree in Art Curatorship, Renata loves the arts, and sharing interesting exhibition experiences with her family.



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Age: For the whole family.
Pre-Book: Just turn up.
Changing Facilities: None.
Pram Accessibility: Smooth paths with easy access to all the park.
Refreshments: Park Café on Chalmers, but there are many local cafes on Redfern Street just a few minutes walk away.
Parking: Street parking.
Breastfeeding Area: Breastfeeding friendly.
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