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Shepherds Bush Park Playground & Bike Track, Kingsley


The Shepherds Bush Park in Kingsley is a playground which has the best of both worlds for entertaining kids of all ages, if you have toddlers and older children who tend to say “I’m bored” at the under five play spaces, this two for one is for you.

The park is made up of three areas, including a small playground featuring swings, climbing rope frame, balancing timber logs, sand pit and slide, plus two specially built asphalt bike tracks.

The younger kids can ride their bikes, scooters, trikes, ride on cars at the learn to ride course complete with road markings, street signage, parking bays, pedestrian zebra crossing, roundabout even a pretend play petrol pump station to ‘fill up’ your vehicle.

Once the kids have levelled up from their training wheels, the Kingsley Pump and Jump BMX bike track nearby is suitable for older more experienced riders with jumps, bumps and banked turns.

There’s also barbecue facilities, sheltered picnic tables, bench seating, water fountain and lock up bike parking for Mum and Dad while they watch the kids ride safely on the tracks.



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Shepherds Bush Park Playground & Bike Track, Kingsley

Barridale Dr, Kingsley WA 6026, Australia

Price: Free to do.
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