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The Big Merino (Rambo) Statue, Goulburn


Many country towns around Australia have ‘big things’ to draw in tourism, there’s The Big Banana, The Big Rocking Horse, The Big Watermelon, The Big Ned Kelly, The Big Prawn and don’t forget the Big Pineapple, but located just off the Hume highway south-west of Sydney is one of our family favourites, The Big Merino monument, a nod to Goulburn’s surrounding wool industry. Built in 1985, he stands 15.2 meters high, 18 meters long and weighs 100 tones, an impressive life-size model of Rambo, the stud Ram from a local property.

Kids and parents can take a family holiday snap out front of the ram or a funny pic underneath his butt (my kids thought this was hilarious). You can even climb up the inside of the ram’s head to get a sheep eye-view of the Bunnings across the road and petrol station.

There’s a gift shop with a range of wool clothing and products, Australian themed toys and souvenirs and a permanent exhibition depicting the 200 year history of wool in Australia which is housed in the Big Merino structure.

Well worth seeing at least once in you life.



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