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The Gold Coast Seaway Sand Pumping Jetty at The Spit, Main Beach


Gold Coast beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, but this spot is one of a kind you must visit with the family.

The Gold Coast Seaway or Southport Seaway, is one of Australia’s most significant coastal engineering projects, located at the northern end of the Southport Spit where the Nerang River enters the Pacific Ocean.

The unique and innovative sand pumping system consists of a steel framed jetty, constructed 500 metres out to sea. Families can walk with the pram (wheelchair friendly jetty too, but no bikes or scooters allowed) and take in the sea breeze and unique view of the Gold Coast city skyline.

I believe this is one of the best free activities we have done on the coast in a long time, on our walk we witnessed dogs running through the waves and fetching balls on the dog beach, saw local surfers from above catch waves (we loved taking bets would get the next wave) watched many fisherman catch fish some were so kind to educate the kids on what species they were, why they had to throw some back and what they would cook with them, we even spotted a ray which isn’t good for catching whiting we learnt.

Theres also birdlife and the view of the hinterland mountains in the distance on the return walk to shore.

The walk up and back took us roughly an hour stopping, there’s a cafe near the car park to stop for a coffee or ice cream after the walk.

Bumped By : Tegan Simonetti

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The Gold Coast Seaway Sand Pumping Jetty at The Spit, Main Beach

Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia

Age: Families.
Price: Free to do.
Pram Accessibility: YES
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