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Vitalself Fitness and Health holds Body and Baby Mum and Bubs Group Fitness. It is a pre and post-natal fitness programme designed specifically for new mums or mums-to-be. Getting your body back is an important focus for new mums, and their programme will focus on gradually regaining your core strength as well as toning your muscles and also regaining your cardiovascular fitness.

You can bring your children with you and they are cared for by the nannies at each of the locations, Centennial Park, Rushcutters Bay and Double Bay. They ensure you have structure & variety in your training. They will closely monitor your technique to eliminate injury and to achieve the desired results. With the resultant increase in lean muscle mass, your metabolism will naturally increase, burning increased calories and burning fat.
Instructor Sue Nixon is a certified pre and post natal fitness and Pilates instructor and has been taking classes for almost a decade. Sue is great at remembering which Mum has a specific need for modification of exercises and is easily able to modify an exercise to make it safe. Sue understands the challenges of bringing up a baby and is really flexible in booking in. You are able to do any of the the sessions in any of the locations and you can change this on a week to week basis so you are not locked into doing the same time and day every week.

There are nannies at every session which is great.  It gives the Mum’s a chance to do their workout without having to worry too much about the babies. The children are quite close to the mums when they are training so it gives us a chance to feed the babies mid session if necessary and Sue even gives mums some core work or leg work to do when they are feeding!

Monday- 9:30am – 10:15 am
Wednesday- 9:30am – 10:15 am
Friday- 10:00 am – 10:45 am

Bumped By : Renata Brak

Renata is a mother of one active toddler and soon to be mum of another baby boy. She grew up in Hobart, before spending a few years abroad in Canada before settling in Sydney over 6 years ago. With a Masters degree in Art Curatorship, Renata loves the arts, and sharing interesting exhibition experiences with her family.


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Vitalself Fitness and Health, Centennial Park

1 Dickens Dr, Centennial Park NSW 2021, Australia

Age: For any mum or mum to be.
Pre-Book: Pre-Book essential.
Changing Facilities: Bring a portable change mat or towel to change bub.
Pram Accessibility: The class is held on a grassy patch of lawn near the Duck Ponds. It is flat and easy to access from Dickens Drive.
Refreshments: Small cafe located up the road and has refreshments and food available for purchase.
Parking: Free parking.
Parent Accompany Child: Nanny service.
Breastfeeding Area: Breastfeeding friendly class.
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