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Warriewood Valley Playground Rocket Park, Warriewood


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to Warriewood Valley Playground, also known as the Rocket Park in Warriewood.

The highlight for Sydney kids is no doubt the huge rocket ship ready for take off! Kids can climb and slide down the tunnel slippery dip from the top, other surrounding play equipment includes embankment slides built into the hill, a huge pendulum basket swing, shaded play structure for toddlers, two swing sets (baby and regular seats), dinosaur spring rocker, climbing challenges, circular spinner, plus lots of sand pit play (bring your own bucket and spade toys).

There’s also barbecue facilities, sheltered picnic tables, public toilets and open grassy spaces to kick a ball and make a full day out at Warriewood Valley Playground.



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Warriewood Valley Playground Rocket Park, Warriewood

Casuarina Dr, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia

Age: Families.
Price: Free to do.
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