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Where the Streets Had a Name


Monkey Baa Theatre Company are proud to present Where the Streets Had a Name, a new Australian play based on the novel by Randa Abdel-Fattah.

The play will introduce audiences to Hayaat, a thirteen-year-old girl on a mission. Hayaat believes a handful of soil from her family’s ancestral home in Jerusalem will save her beloved grandmother’s life. But standing between her and her goal is the impenetrable wall that divides the West Bank.

But luck is on her side. Hayaat and her best friend Samy have a curfew-free day to travel to Jerusalem. However, while their journey may only be a few kilometres long, it may take a lifetime to complete.

With themes of displacement, family, freedom and friendship, this is a powerful story of one family’s response to the confinements of curfew and how they rise above, with humour and love.

Please Note: This production includes content some patrons may find distressing including menacing soldiers, gunfire and bombs.



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Age: Recommended for ages 12+
Parking: Paid parking.
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