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Your Yoga specialises in Prenatal Yoga and Post Natal Workshops.

Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed for this unfolding path to motherhood. Classes include, Pranayama (breathing exercises) that can be used in preparation for birth, during labour and to assist with anxiety and stress. Asana (postures) specific to Prenatal Yoga to release tension, stiffness and discomfort in a growing and changing body. Meditation and Visualisation to calm, centre and connect with your baby. Preparation for birth, techniques for labour and essential tips for your support people.

The 4th Trimester Postnatal Workshop Series is comprised of 3 intimate workshops with like minded women (no more than 7 women), sharing stores, tea and cake whilst learning simple and effective ways to assist you in creating your own unique ‘remedies’ for guilt free self care and nourishment.

Postnatal Yoga Addresses the most common areas of complaint for new mothers – Pelvic floor, abdominal health and stability, upper body strength and stability, relaxation, meditation and self care practices to nourish yourself as a new mother.



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Age: Prenatal, Mum & Baby.
Pre-Book: Bookings essential.
Changing Facilities: None.
Pram Accessibility: Stair access.
Refreshments: Refreshments available next door to purchase.
Parking: Onsite parking lot.
Breastfeeding Area: Breastfeeding friendly.
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